Week 9 – Post 1 Storyboard and Video

Prior to the production of the video, a storyboard was created; this consisted of 14 sequential illustrations representing different scenes of the video clip. Through the use of storyboards technical details where efficiently described so as one could visualise the scenes and locate difficulties that may arise during the production of the video.

Three royalty free music clips were downloaded from the Internet. One was used in most of the advert, as the main song of the video. The other music clip was used in the beginning and ending of the video, this was used to create more life were necessary. The other music clip consists of wind sound effects, which was used to highlight the design of the product.
As mentioned in earlier posts when marketing a product one has to stand out of what is already available on the market. Aer’s design makes the product unique, its light, innovative and OLED framework is highlighted in the advert by making use of an additional music clip of wind effects. Furthermore, introducing such sounds also highlights the name of the product, which when translated to English it means ‘air’.

The logos were replicated in 3D by creating an extrusion from the same font.
To further enhance the minimalist and clean idea, a simple studio setup with diffused lighting was introduced. Furthermore, a wooden background was used in some shots to highlight the transparency within the device.
The designs were given a key frame animation and later rendered at 25fps, 1024×576 square pixels. The 3D effects were produced using Autodesk 3ds Max.

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 18.07.20

The footages were imported in Final Cut Pro X and were given an enhancement treatment for colour and contrasts. Transitions such as cross, dissolve and fade to white were applied.

Moreover, text was added to the footage, this consisted of keywords that define the product and its name. Transitions were applied to the text to highlight what the product stands for: Authentic, Essential and Revolutionary whereby the first letter of each word makes up the product’s name. For the viewer to notice this concept, variations in the speed with which the text enters on the screen were set.

A small element of a stock video (as discussed with my tutor) was added at the beginning and ending of the video. The video consists of people crossing the ‘Shibuya crossing’, known to be one of the world’s busiest streets. Such an element, within the promotional video, has reflected the hustle and bustle of everyday life, which further addresses the product’s target audience. This ensured that the target market was properly met and the message portrayed was the one intended.

The use of voice over in the video did not provide good results and hence it was decided not to be used, as this ruined the overall quality of the video. The use of proper equipment, such as a suitable microphone would have resulted in better results that would have been included in the video. The video also consisted of still images of the product that were edited using Photoshop CS6.

A copyright statement was also added at the end of the video.



The Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube channel will be created this week.


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