Week 8 – Post 3 The Logo

A logo was designed to give an identity to the product. A number of similar companies’ logos were searched for to give an idea of what other companies uses to identify their brand. It was noted that these companies make use of word-based logos, which are very simplistic and plain. Below, one can see examples of these logos.

Similar Companies' Logo
Similar Companies’ Logo

The designed logo for the fictitious company and product follows these patterns and hence, two logos based on this concept were created, as seen below.

Fictitious Company's Logo
Fictitious Company’s Logo
Fictitious Product's Logo
Fictitious Product’s Logo

Adobe Illustrator CS6 was used to create the logos. As to keep the design as minimal as possible, Cordia sans serif font was chosen. For the product’s logo, the letters were conjoint to create a sense of movement in the text. On the other hand, the company’s logo was created using the same font but upper cases were used. The letter ‘A’ was edited as to create a more technological feel and additionally, space was left between each letter to further enhance such concept.


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