Week 6 – Post 1 Social Media Recommendations

Social Media Statistics
Social Media Statistics

The pie chart, above, depicts the number of Facebook, Twitter and You Tube users on a monthly basis.

Facebook has stated that it had a large number of increase in users, the total number of users being emulated to 1.11 billion users per month. Statistics show that Twitter has over 115 million active users on a monthly basis whilst You Tube has more than 1 billion users accessing the site each month.

Similar Companies' Social Media Activity
Similar Companies’ Social Media Activity

When researching through these social media pages that are used by the aforementioned companies, it was noted that Facebook and Twitter are used more than once daily whilst You Tube is used less often.

Facebook is used to post about the company’s new and old products. Moreover it provides help and other guidance to its users. It was also noted how these companies interact with the user; through the use of posts they are able to ask their customers questions. This results in them having an active communication between the company and the user. When a customer comments or asks a question on a page, the company answers back, thereby enhancing one to one relationship and also helping in building the brand’s loyalty and reputation. Moreover, this helps in identifying the target audience’s goals and expectations resulting in a continuous improvement to the product.

Twitter, is continuously used through out the day, for tweeting, similarly as done on Facebook posts and for retweeting customer’s posts. Twitter, similar to Facebook is used to provide customers with feedback.

Facebook posts and Twitter tweets often consist of video links to the company’s You Tube channel. Here one can find numerous videos highlighting products and features of the company. Since, on You Tube one can only post videos, which are not as simple, as tweeting on Twitter or posting an image on Facebook, You Tube is used less often. However, these videos have a considerable thousands of viewers.

Lastly, it was also observed that when the company releases a new product or a new feature in a product, the amount of social media activity increases drastically. One can easily identify the reason for this, being to promote the new product or feature. Furthermore, it was noted that a number of companies post daily including weekends whilst others only post on working days.

Visual Engagement

The frequent use of images and photos through out the social media pages, particularly on Facebook, was immediately noted. Making use of high quality, attractive visuals will immediately invite people visiting to like the page.

As humans, it’s in our nature to communicate visually. Images process quickly and people are drawn to them. One has to remember that humans connect emotionally to images more than video, audio or text. People make decisions and take action quicker when prompted by images, rather than by reading a lot of text. By making use of images one does not need to provide a whole procedure but rather add a call to action to get people to click to the page. Images help build engagement and keeping in mind that social media is about sharing of information, it is crucial to design images that users will share not just click through.

An image will easily stand out from the clutter of the text in a news feed thus continuous use of visual representations will increase the level of engagement within a page.

Companies use images not just to represent their product and features, but for any other post. Such posts includes asking questions to users, giving out tips, and also for posts that has nothing to do with the company, an example is the image shown below.

Windows' Facebook post
Windows’ Facebook post

As one can see this image does not provide information about the company or its products, it is a random Facebook status update, however, if one takes a look at the number of likes and shares, it can be said that these are very high. Posting such posts will help in keeping an active relationship with the customers even when not posting about the company. The number of shares, comments and posts are quite high, having a user sharing an image with the company’s logo on it gives an exposure to the company. When posting on social media pages the company must not always seek to feature its products but rather engage and communicate with the user through different ways, which also serves as advertisement.


The company connects all of its YouTube videos to the Facebook page. Here one can see all of the videos uploaded on the company’s YouTube channel without leaving the Facebook page, however if the user want to go to the YouTube channel a link is also provided.

Windows' Facebook account
Windows’ Facebook account

The videos mainly centre on the company’s products and features, some videos features a comparison between other brands’ products and the company’s product. The 30-second promotional video uses voice over, minimal effects and some represents a user who in particularly highlights the products unique feature.

Contests, Competitions & Cross-Platform marketing

Windows makes use an app that allows its users to participate in competitions created by the company. It was noted that while the competition is present on Facebook, the user is directed to the company’s Twitter account to participate there. Such a tactic is often referred to as cross-platform marketing.
Directing the user to the Twitter account will make the user to also follow the Twitter account thus following the company more closely and widening the audience of the other social media platform.

Cross-platform marketing
Cross-platform marketing

It was noted that the company’s Twitter profile is synchronized with the Facebook Page. Every post posted via Facebook is also present on Twitter.

Windows' Facebook post
Windows’ Facebook post
Windows' Twitter Tweet
Windows’ Twitter Tweet

Social Media Recommendations for the fictitious company & product

A thorough research of how existing companies promote their product on different social media networks has allowed one to come up with the social media recommendations. The following is a list of the social media networks that will be used to promote the fictitious product.

As Facebook is the most widely used social media network and one is provided with a range of tools to be able to reach customers, it will be used as the main source of the campaign. Facebook posts will be connected with the company’s Twitter account and hence all Facebook posts are posted on Twitter. Videos uploaded via YouTube will be present on the Facebook page.
In view of the fact that the visual representation of objects attracts more users to a page, Facebook posts will mainly consist of images. A minimum of 3 Facebook posts are to be posted daily, the reason being to reach a wider audience having access to their Facebook accounts at different times. Competitions will be available via Facebook, however instructions will be available on Twitter and if necessary a video via YouTube. Such a tactic will direct users to the other social media pages available over the different networks and thus increase the number of followers and communication with the customer on all pages. Continuous feedback to users is vital, feedback should be given frequently and not only when the customer asks a question. This assures the users that he/she is being listened to and his presence is of importance.

Twitter, will be used to tweet Facebook posts, as stated. Moreover, customers’ and other player’s relevant tweets shall be retweeted as to keep an active relationship with the user and also widen the product’s online presence.

Videos are significant in the promotion of a product, users tend to search for videos as a short-cut. In a few minutes a video should be able to describe the product and its features in the most interesting and engaging ways, to direct the user to search more on the product and hence purchase it. As stated earlier, videos will be uploaded via the YouTube channel and posted on the Facebook page and Twitter account. Relevant YouTube videos shall also be shared.

Communication with the user is vital across all the social media networks.



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