Week 4 – Post 1 Social Media Strategy Process

Through the use of tools and platforms, one can easily think of social media as a tactical prism rather than a strategic one. The most successful social media strategic plans are tools-agnostic; they set forth objectives and metrics that supersede a certain social venue.

“Companies should focus more on how to BE social, and less on how to DO social media.”
Baer (2013)

Jay Baer, a social media and content strategist, speaker and author, describes the social media strategy process in eight steps.

Social Media Strategy

Build an Ark

Social media affects all corners of the company. Therefore, in an organisation, the social media strategy should not be owned by one person only. The initial step is to create a cross-functional team to work with all aspects of the strategy.

Listen and Compare

As explained in previous posts, listening to customers gives a fine guide to where and how a company should be active within a social media. Listening to customers and comparing how one’s competitor is promoting a product will broaden social listening beyond the brand name.

What’s the Point?

One goal that social media networks aim in achieving is to reach several business objectives. Initially a social media strategy should focus on narrower rationale. What is social media primarily used for? Sales? Loyalty and retention? etc.

Select Success Metrics

Here one has to ask a number of questions, such as: How is one going to determine whether this is actually making a difference in the business? What key measures will be used to evaluate social media strategy effectiveness? How will one transcend likes and engagement? Is ROI going to be measured?

Analyse Audience

When promoting a product on social media one must know with whom will one be interacting, the demographic and psychographic (psychographics is the study of personality, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles) characteristics of the current or prospective users. These identify what one can and should attempt in social media.

What’s Your One Thing?

For a product to appeal to the audience’s heart rather than the head, a product’s features and benefits has to stand out from others. Baer gives these two examples:

“Apple isn’t about technology, it’s about innovation. Disney isn’t about movies, it’s about magic.” Baer (2013)

Engagement and Humanisation

Social media is about people, therefore a company has to act like a person rather than an entity.

Channel Plan

Before creating a channel plan one must know the reason of the activity in the social network and how the social media strategy success will be measured. Then, with a specific, defensible reason for the participation in each social media network, one can turn into choosing the most appropriate channel.





Video source
JWT Intelligence


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