Week 2 – Post 1 Initial Research Cont’d

Social media plays an important role to help promote a product, whether increasing engagement with customers, building a brand, increasing traffic to a website, get users interested in a product, or to expand sales conversions.

While there are a number of potential channels available not all yield the same Return of Investment (ROI). Hence, it is crucial for one to understand which social media networks are driving the most sales and which are most appropriate to promote one’s product. It is critical to understand how social media influences customers’ decisions to purchase a product. One needs to get to know where the targeted users are spending their time when online and what for. The platforms where the users spend the most time also establish whether to focus on visuals, videos, micro videos or written updates.

In 2013, VisionCritical released a whitepaper suggesting how one can strongly use social media networks with customers. They suggest that a businesses’ social media presence must first determine which content will engage the highest number of users on networks. It is imperative that the culture of the network and the audience are taken into consideration. This can be done by looking into existing business strategies and perceiving which platform works most. This will ensure that a business yields the best result from the approach that it chooses.

Dos and Don't s Of Social Media for Businesses
Dos and Don’t s Of Social Media for Businesses

Infographic source:

VisionCritical whitepaper:


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